Now, more than 50 years since its founding, Bushwacker, Inc remains true to its mainstay product, the Fender Flares, and has created complementary products such as Bedrail Caps, Bumper Protection and the award-winning Trail Armor product line-up. Bushwacker, Inc is now a well-known and highly regarded brand in the automotive aftermarket, where the term “Bushwackers” can frequently be heard referring to Fender Flares.

If you are looking for OEM parts or aftermarket parts for aerodynamics, tuning, wheels, brakes & rotors, suspension, air intake systems, exhaust and engine components that you can't find on our website, CONTACT US directly and we'll get you our BEST PRICING!

Call (201) 676-4700 or e-mail sales@hardparkpro.com to order products or with any questions about this Brand.

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