Green Filter

The Green Filter team listened to the racing professionals and leading engine performance manufacturers and utilized proprietary methods and components to engineer a performance filter designed to meet the industry’s very high standards for construction quality, durability, airflow, particulate capture, and reusability while being compatible with the new monitoring technologies included on today’s highly engineered engines.

Green Filter is very proud to have accomplished our initial goal of becoming widely accepted within the racing community and manufacturer markets throughout the world! We have been lucky enough to be included in many of the racing teams engines that win on Sunday and are now ready to accomplish our biggest and most exciting goal of bringing this same expertise and winning tradition to the very serious and also demanding retail consumer. Whether you are looking for increased fuel mileage, a car performance enthusiast, a non-professional racer, or one of the many thousands that meet on the weekend to show off their cars and/or compare race times from weekend trips to the tracks throughout the world, Green Filter is working hard to offer you the same high performance filter for your specific needs.

We are very excited to build you a leading high performance filter that:

  • Adds Horsepower in a simple installation process
  • Increases mileage efficiency saving money at the pump
  • Provides the high quality our racing and manufacturing teams demand
  • Makes maintenance and cleaning easy
  • Looks great when we open our engine covers and see that familiar Green Filter
  • Does not interfere with engine monitoring systems

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