Project Kics Racing Gear

Project KICS Racing Gear (a division of KYO-EI) manufactures light-weight and stylish wheel nuts for many vehicle applications and wheel styles.
KYO-EI is one of the most trusted names in Japan when it comes to automotive accessories. For over 50 years, KYO-EI has developed several unique automotive accessories that are used heavily in both street and race applications. Designed in Japan and MADE IN JAPAN, KYO-EI uses the highest quality materials to ensure long term reliability.

If you are looking for OEM parts or aftermarket parts for aerodynamics, tuning, wheels, brakes & rotors, suspension, air intake systems, exhaust and engine components that you can't find on our website, CONTACT US directly and we'll get you our BEST PRICING!

Call (201) 676-4700 or e-mail to order products or with any questions about this Brand.

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