Savini Wheels

Savini constructs its rims using advanced manufacturing methods and techniques. The majority of wheels are forged and only the Black di Forza series rims are cast. After a Savini wheel is given its artistic design, it is then computerized for measurements and bolt patterns. Once the measurements are calibrated, the wheel is ready to be manufactured. The wheels are either carefully forged or meticulously cast. They are then heat-treated and processed until the quality 100% meets the most rigorous quality standards set in the industry. Due to the dense structure, forged wheels are lighter than the cast ones, however as casting is a more flexible manufacturing method, it allows for unlimited creative freedom.

Whatever design you want and whatever construction or manufacturing method you prefer, you can find it in the wide variety of options offered by Savini. You are welcome to choose from three distinctive wheel lines, created exclusively for luxury sedans, coupes and SUVs: Savini Forged, Savini Balck Di Forza, and Savini Mono Series. The Savini Forged wheels feature a three-piece forged construction and are available in the Signature, XLT, and XC styles. The Signature rims are cut using a 3DT technique, which helps create the sharpest and the most aggressive angles ever. The XLT wheels are named after the applied Xtreme Lip Technology. It allows for 2'' of additional lip, and all that without a convex face. Last but not least, the XC (Xtreme Concave) wheels combine style and versatility, providing a 4.5-inch drop center profile. The cutting-edge deep concave profile is the latest trend in the wheel fashion and it's recognized as the most aggressive fitment. 

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