• Product Description

      Supported Options


      Active Sound Design

      • ON/OFF

      Air conditioning

      • Air circulation setting memory
      • Air conditioning memory
      • Air conditioning not on with auto
      • Air conditioning on with auto

      Alarm system

      • Acoustical lock confirm duration
      • Acoustical lock confirm frequency
      • Acoustical lock confirm volume high
      • Acoustical lock confirm volume low
      • Alarm sound type
      • Checkbox acoustical lock confirm in multimedia system

      Ambient lighting

      • Ambient lighting brightness depending on instrument cluster
      • Ambient lighting brightness

      Angel eyes

      • Angel eyes brightness low beams
      • Angel eyes brightness parking lights


      • Ringtone
      • Shut off radio/navigation when driver door is opened
      • Use smartphone ringtone
      • Volume at startup
      • Warning sounds

      Brake Force Display

      • Brake Force Display minimum speed
      • Brake Force Display mode
      • Flashing frequency Brake Force Display

      Comfort opening/closing

      • Comfort opening with key fob
      • Comfort opening with Comfort Access
      • Unfold mirrors when unlocking vehicle with Comfort Closing
      • Comfort closing with key fob
      • Comfort closing with Comfort Access
      • Comfort closing delay
      • Fold mirrors when locking vehicle with Comfort Closing

      Daytime driving lights

      • Checkbox daytime driving lights in multimedia system
      • Daytime driving lights brightness
      • Daytime driving lights mode
      • Daytime driving lights rear (inner part)
      • Daytime driving lights rear (outer part)

      Display options instrument cluster

      • Automatically reset board computer
      • Date in board computer
      • Digital speed correction
      • Digital speed in board computer
      • Empty row in board computer
      • Instrument cluster start logo
      • Performance logo
      • Performance logo variant

      Display options multimedia system

      • Display full text messages
      • Legal disclaimers
      • Rear view camera zoom
      • Start animation
      • Start display type
      • Tire pressure control
      • Volume popup

      Driving Dynamics Mode

      • Start with ECO PRO mode

      Engine start

      • Start engine without clutch


      • Fuel consumption gauge scale
      • Fuel range warning 1
      • Fuel range warning 2


      • HUD entertainment list
      • HUD telephone list
      • HUD telephone calls
      • HUD voice input


      • Indicator flashing on locking
      • Indicator flashing on unlocking


      • Cornering lights
      • Door handle LEDs while in reverse
      • Fog lights disabled with high beam
      • Rain-light-sensor sensitivity
      • Sidemarkers


      • Mirror folding speed threshold
      • Mirror unfolding speed threshold
      • Mirror tilt on reverse
      • Mirror tilt value on reverse


      • Speed threshold for visual and acoustic PDC warnings
      • PDC speed shutdown threshold
      • PDC shutdown distance threshold
      • Activate PDC when moving backwards

      Range extender

      • Range Extender menu

      Rear view camera

      • Rear view camera speed shutdown threshold
      • Rear view camera shutdown distance threshold

      Seat heating

      • Rest front - temperature level 1
      • Rest front - temperature level 2
      • Rest front - temperature level 3
      • Rest rear - temperature level 1
      • Rest rear - temperature level 2
      • Rest rear - temperature level 3
      • Save seat heating/cooling/massage setting after shutdown
      • Seat front - temperature level 1
      • Seat front - temperature level 2
      • Seat front - temperature level 3
      • Seat rear - temperature level 1
      • Seat rear - temperature level 2
      • Seat rear - temperature level 3

      Seatbelt reminder

      • Initial warning after start
      • Seat belt reminder distance
      • Seat belt reminder driver seat
      • Seat belt reminder duration
      • Seat belt reminder indicator driver seat
      • Seat belt reminder indicator passenger seat
      • Seat belt reminder indicator rear seats
      • Seat belt reminder passenger seat
      • Seat belt reminder speed
      • Speed limit for side view camera activation
      • Speed limit for automatic side view camera deactivation
      • Sport displays
      • Sport displays color
      • Start Stop function off by default
      • Start Stop function remember last setting
      • Bootlid opening delay with remote control
      • Tailgate button in footwell close with long press
      • Tailgate button in footwell operation mode
      • Tailgate remote operation mode
      • Tailgate with remote close with long press
      • Additional video codecs
      • Video in motion
      • Video via USB
      • Adaptive brake light cold monitoring
      • Adaptive brake light lamp
      • Adaptive brake light warm monitoring
      • Brake light cold monitoring
      • Brake light lamp
      • Brake light warm monitoring
      • Daytime driving lights cold monitoring
      • Daytime driving lights lamp
      • Daytime driving lights warm monitoring
      • Fog light cold monitoring
      • Fog light lamp
      • Fog light warm monitoring
      • High beam cold monitoring
      • High beam lamp
      • High beam warm monitoring
      • Indicator front cold monitoring
      • Indicator front lamp
      • Indicator front warm monitoring
      • Indicator mirror cold monitoring
      • Indicator mirror lamp
      • Indicator mirror warm monitoring
      • Indicator rear cold monitoring
      • Indicator rear lamp
      • Indicator rear warm monitoring
      • License plate light cold monitoring
      • License plate light lamp
      • License plate light warm monitoring
      • Low beam cold monitoring
      • Low beam lamp
      • Low beam warm monitoring
      • Position light cold monitoring
      • Position light lamp
      • Position light warm monitoring
      • Rear fog light left cold monitoring
      • Rear fog light left lamp
      • Rear fog light left warm monitoring
      • Rear fog light right cold monitoring
      • Rear fog light right lamp
      • Rear fog light right warm monitoring
      • Reversing light left cold monitoring
      • Reversing light left lamp
      • Reversing light left warm monitoring
      • Reversing light right cold monitoring
      • Reversing light right lamp
      • Reversing light right warm monitoring
      • Sidemarkers cold monitoring
      • Sidemarkers lamp
      • Sidemarkers warm monitoring
      • Tail light cold monitoring
      • Tail light inner cold monitoring
      • Tail light inner lamp
      • Tail light inner warm monitoring
      • Tail light lamp
      • Tail light warm monitoring
      • Headlamp washers
      • Number of water injection pulses for headlamp cleaning system
      • Headlamp cleaning lockout time after activation
      • Pause between injection pulses for headlamp cleaning system
      • Headlamp cleaning system deactivation speed threshold
      • Number of washing operations to enable headlamp cleaning system
      • Duration of water injection pulses for headlamp cleaning system
      • Wipe cycles after front wash
      • Wiper level switch back on stand
      • Rear wiper continues when reversing
      • Wipe cycles after rear wash
      • Welcome Light activation
      • Welcome Light duration
      • Welcome Light brightness
      • Welcome Light only in darkness
      • Welcome Light daytime driving lights
      • Welcome Light parking lights
      • Welcome Light low beam
      • Welcome Light high beam 1
      • Welcome Light high beam 2
      • Welcome Light parking lights
      • Welcome Light turning light
      • Welcome Light indicator central
      • Welcome Light indicator front
      • Welcome Light sidemarkers
      • Welcome Light design light
      • Welcome Light fog lights
      • Stop window lifter when opening door
      • Horn at lock with engine running
      • Time before automatic lock
      • Open doors at ignition shutoff


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