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      Hi there my name is Ron. I’m a Urban photographer & Car photographer.

      I’ve been doing photography for almost four years now and shooting professionally for two years. It started off as a hobby and then turned into a full time job that I've grown to love. I’ve  been traveling the world and state side seeing many things from a camera lens point of view.

      I’ve meet some amazing clients & photographers along the way.  I am truly grateful that I've been able to met so many other car enthusiasts with the same type of passion. Since the middle of 2017 I started to shoot for car companys such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi.

      The type of shooting I enjoy are "rolling" shots as well as detail shots like interiors or wheels. I charge per location and how many photos my client would like edited.

      Looking forward to shooting with you.


      If you have a special request contact

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